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Soul Work: Being Under Construction

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Under Construction- being built or repaired -Webster

I have been driving the same route to work for the past few years now. One day something was different. When it was time to take the usual right turn, to the street that leads to the office, I was met with a “road closed” sign. I would have wanted advance notice about having to take an alternate route other than the sign.  I did not get an email, text alert, or phone call about this change. I like to be mentally prepared for changes. Needless to say, I had to take a minor detour to work that day. Construction on that road continued for a few weeks thereafter. I simply had to make an adjustment in regards to my usual route, it wasn’t fun, but it was necessary. When a road, home or office is under construction the process can be difficult, inconvenient and lengthy but for the most part, the purpose of a renovation is for improvement. In the same light, there will be detours in our lives that we will not be prepared for. We will reach certain seasons in our lives where our former selves cannot go. There are places that God wants to take us spiritually that old thought processes, old ways of doing things will not be able to sustain us in the months and years to come.

 (also called remodeling) is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Renovation can refer to making something new, or bringing something back to life and can apply in social contexts. – Webster

Fix what is broken.

Most people walk around in a cloud of denial, pointing fingers at others, thinking that personal development is for everyone else but them. That is a dangerous way to think. It is for both men and women. Joining a gym, going back to school or starting a new business are great #goals to work on. Congrats on all of your endeavors!  I believe we have to give attention to every part of our lives. We cannot neglect our souls.  You are responsible for the condition of your soul. Plant seeds into people’s lives, lead people to Christ, love people with the heart of God. Do not forget to tend to your soul as well. Paul spoke about making sure that He was fit so that while he preached to others he wouldn’t be disqualified (1 Corinthians 1:9-27). You will be the one that gives an account for your life. What we refuse to deal with in our soul will bleed through into different areas in our lives. It will affect your relationship with God and people. It will continue to resurface until you learn the lessons and heal. A wedding ring can’t remove the wounds, status and position can’t cover the scars, and a new promotion will not remove post-traumatic stress disorder. It may give relief but it will be short lived.  In order for us to get to the next season of our lives, our soul needs to go under construction.

The purpose of being under construction is for God to restore us to complete wholeness. When someone betrays you, takes advantage of you, use you, mislead you, or hurts you in any way it can cause great distress in our heart. I know we live in a thug life, get over it society. We don’t have time to feel pain so we pretend like it doesn’t exist. Here’s the issue, brushing pain under the rug doesn’t mean it goes away. It can lay dormant for years. It can show up as sickness, anxiety, nervous breakdowns, depression, suicidal thoughts etc.  In order for God to heal you, you must allow Him in. Vulnerability should start with God. Everyone’s healing process and journey is different. If there is unresolved pain in your life. There is a reason some things are coming up in your soul. It could be God wanting to heal an area in your life. I am a huge advocate for asking for help and/or going to counseling. He won’t be able to repair a certain area if you don’t allow Him to assess the damage.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds- Psalm 147:3

God is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit- David (Psalm 34:18)

Wholeness is connected to healing, deliverance, holiness and sanctification. You may have to start with a new foundation.

Check your foundation! (Matt 7:24-27)

 If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything -Alexander Hamilton

If your foundation, worth and value as a believer is not solid, you won’t be able to be who God created you to be. You will always reach a road block. If who you are as a person is built on sand (ex: money, status, approval, and popularity), then you will not be able to handle the pressures of life. Your validation and identity should come from Christ, the solid rock, not from a parking space, your name on a plaque, a huge promotion, accolades and admiration from people. People will disappoint you, and shiny awards will not fulfill your voids. Where does your identity come from? Where does your hope come from? Any prop that is holding you up or gives you your significance outside of God, is an idol. In order for God to restore you to wholeness, He will have to strip you of everything that is causing you to have a faulty foundation.

Let Go or Be Dragged- Zen Proverb

Everything starts with surrender. “I Surrender All” and “I Give Myself Away” are beautiful hymns. Surrendering to Christ is a daily act. When you reach the end of yourself…that is the beginning of your new life with Christ. This is for veterans in the faith and new believers.  I believe God will do everything in His power to help us. By any means necessary -Malcolm X. It can be a willing act of surrender or a battle. It’s a battle between your will vs. God’s will. In order to be restored, it is supposed to be a collaborative effort between you and the Holy Spirit.  You have to tell your flesh to have several seats. “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you” (Psalm 32:9). Could you imagine the Holy Spirit having to wrestle with you to go in the right direction? I don’t have a horse, but I have a dog.  Let me tell you the struggle is real. When he’s on a leash he has a mind of his own. When I walk him… He walks me instead. I have to get his attention, because he has a mind of his own sometimes. I can only image what God has to do with us.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns (Philippians 1:6).

There will be areas of your life that it’s easy to hand it over to God. Pray more, read the bible, make it to church on time, or join a new ministry. Oh that’s a piece of cake. I’m not saying that those goals are not important because they are.  Any area of your life that is not submitted to Christ is an area that needs “work.” This work may be gut wrenching, but you won’t have to do it alone. Will power is not enough, the Holy Spirit is the one who will enable you to keep on going. It will not be a walk in the park, but developing your character will be well worth it.

It’s about progress not perfection -Unknown

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

There will be areas of your life where you will soar in! On the other hand, there will be areas where you will be crawling. I do not want you to start obsessing over your flaws. We are all a work in progress. You won’t have to make changes all at once or in your own strength, again it will be the Holy Spirit that will help you. Pray and ask God for His help. There is strength in your weakness. There is a thin line, Appreciate and celebrate your strengths. However, do not allow your strengths to create conceit and superiority over others in your heart. Even in your weakness you can boast, it is an opportunity to lean on God for His supernatural ability in that area.  I want to encourage you. You will make progress, you will take great leaps and bounds in your faith walk.


If you think you don’t need to go under construction…
Yes you do. EVERYONE has some level of flaws and character shaping that God needs to take care of. We are not immune from the pruning process. Ahh The “pruning” process. It’s not glamorous but it is necessary. You may be unaware of areas in your life that need repair. Our soul is like a garden, if we don’t tend to the garden, you can grow weeds of unforgiveness, strong holds, and bondage and not even know it. Brace yourself for impact! Seeing your humanity is not easy, it can be a painful process. God is a comforter! Ask Him to show you what changes that He wants to make in your life.

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.  -David (Psalm 139:23,24)

You will never arrive to a place where you will not need God. Self-righteousness has no parts in the kingdom of God. We are flawed human beings. Just like the saying “there’s always work to be done.” Sanctification is a lifelong process. That is not an excuse to sin or remain in bondage. There will always be in area of our lives that God is perfecting, pruning or correcting.

Let God be God in your life, step off of the throne and surrender to His will. Awareness is the first step. Knowing what areas that you need healing in is good. However, you are responsible for taking action. It may feel like your life is falling apart all around you, it may feel like pieces of your heart has shattered into a million pieces. When you are being rebuilt, it’s going to look worse before it gets better.  In the end, you will be an upgraded version of yourself for God’s glory. Only then, will you be able to handle the next season of your life. The beauty of being under construction is that when people see you, they will see the Christ in you.  Take heart and be encouraged! ❤

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The Great Wall of Contentment

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Rat Race- A way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth and power.- Oxford 

We live in a rat race called life. Everyone is rushing to go somewhere or to accomplish Screenshot_2015-12-02-23-40-43-1something. It doesn’t matter what success you achieve in life, it may feel like it’s never enough. There are areas in your life where you’ve made peace with your portion, you are living your life and you are content with where God has placed you.

For example, you have accepted the fact that your bank account might not be where you want it right now but you’re thanking God for His provision. Perhaps, you’re excited about going back to school and starting your new classes. Better yet, you’ve even come to terms with the fact that singleness is a beautiful thing and when your bae comes God will reveal it to you.

Buster: A person or thing that breaks, destroys or overpowers something. -Oxford

Brace yourself, someone is going to ask you a series of “adult” questions that will have you reevaluating your whole existence. If you have your Bachelor’s degree, they ask.. when are you getting your Master’s degree? If you’re single… When are you getting married? If you are married… When are you having children? If you’re in an apartment… when are you buying a house? They just want to know “the tea.” That’s fine and all but if you ever leave a conversation feeling like “what have I done with my whole life” based on an interaction with someone. My friend, you have met a “Contentment Buster.” Let me tell you, there is always a “Contentment Buster” waiting to shake your peace and steal your joy.  I mean, you’ve prayed, you’ve fasted and you’re waiting on the Lord. Now all of a sudden, you have allowed this person to dismantle your “Great wall of Contentment” brick by brick.

Contentment: A state of happiness and satisfaction [in one’s situation]. -Oxford

Perspective: This Fictitious American dream notion that suggests that everyone should have their dream job, have a house with a white picket fence, be married, and have 2.5 children all by the age of 25 is not everyone’s reality. Maybe it has worked for some and that’s beautiful. However, for those of you who are still trying to figure it out. Your life is not in shambles because you have not achieved what society says success should look like. God’s timing is perfect. Even if you are tired of waiting, say it by faith until you believe it. It is better to receive His blessings when you’re ready then receive it prematurely and ruin it. Trust the process.

How to Spot a Contentment Buster

  1. Impose their expectations on others
  2. They give back-handed compliments
  3. Use their life as the standard for perfection

Ladies and Gents, it’s not okay to make people subject to your time table. I know you may want to cupid shuffle at your friend’s wedding but you have to chill. She just met the guy 3 weeks ago, stop it!! God will reveal if He’s the one or not. Be encouraging, pray for her and be an accountability partner. Your pressure is not necessary. Your friend who is married is celebrating her 3 year wedding anniversary and you may want to rock her future baby to sleep but continuing to ask ” when are you going to give that man a baby” is not okay. Shouting, “you’re not getting any younger” is not wise. You have no idea if the couple is having fertility issues. Trust me, when a relationship is worth sharing your girl will fill you in. When they hear the “pitter patter of little feet” you will get the pregnancy announcement. Celebrate with your friend where they are right now. We are a society obsessed with “What’s next?” that it’s hard to enjoy RIGHT NOW! Don’t miss this season of your life focusing on what’s next. To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). When you read  Ecclesiastes 3:2-8 there is a great depiction of time and seasons. Whatever is meant to happen will be. Do not allow others to impose their unrealistic expectations on your life.

This race to adulthood was all a setup. What were some of us racing to do? Pay bills? Work until retirement? Don’t get me wrong, there were some perks. We celebrated the milestones as we got older. The big ones were, turning 16 years old, you’re able to drive. Then at 18 you’re legal and you can vote. When you turn 21 you’re legal to drink. Okay, now what? You fast forward, you should have everything you ever wanted in life! Right? Nope… not quite. That type of thinking of I “SHOULD” have… many times are unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves or that others have imposed on us. Who created this standard?

Shift Your Focus to the Will of God 

What is going right in your life currently? What can you give God praise for right now. An God's timingattitude of gratitude will shift your focus. When we are appreciative of where we are currently this allows us to look at the bigger picture as opposed to nitpicking at the things that are not happening in your life. Besides, we can’t control life anyway. Here’s something to think about.  Think about where you used to be, thank God for progress. I’ve been told, it’s about progress not perfection. We have to put that “American Dream” check list to the side. Don’t get me wrong, have goals, dream BIG, break stereotypes, write the vision and make it plain!!  Understand that your accomplishments don’t even matter if you’re not in the will of God. We have to make sure God is in the midst of our plans. Trust the timing of your life. Sometimes you will get discouraged because you may not be able to see the fruit of your labor. Being exactly where God wants you to be isn’t always roses. You may be burdened with heavy affliction. One season can last for many years and you may feel like giving up. Don’t give up! Do not be weary in well doing, for in the proper time we will reap a harvest if we faint not (Galatians 6:9)  Why do we need a reminder to not be weary? With our human nature chances are we may become weary. Sometimes it is our eyes that cause us to be discontent in our current season. We live in a visual era with social media and it has been easier to “Keep up with the Joneses” via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, we’re not supposed to be competing or trying to emulate someone else’s life. We have to tend to our own grass instead of focusing on whose grass “looks” greener than ours. When you see others moving along and you have not reached your promised land yet it helps to shift your focus on to the word of God. Remind yourself of the promises of God and that will help rebuild your “Great Wall of Contentment” brick by brick.

Guard your heart, eyes and ears! Yes, we all could use some more money in our bank account. We could travel more, go out more, dress a little better, read the word of God more, have more fun… the list goes on. We can dissect our lives and truly see where we should get it together. I am a strong advocate for self-awareness and evaluating different areas in our lives. However, Paul taught about being content in every season. I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances (Philippians 4:11). Paul knew what it was like to have plenty and to be in need. He attributed his abilities to remain content was through Christ. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

Accountability Partner  VS. Contentment Buster :

Let’s be clear everyone that enters your life is not entering your life to bring down your “Great wall of Contentment,” it just may be someone who God has placed in your life to hold you accountable in order for you to fulfill your purpose. They are there to keep you on track. If they ask you what happened to that ministry you were going to start 6 months ago? It doesn’t mean they #triedit No! They may genuinely want you to win and want to see you walking in purpose. It could be that it may not be the right timing, or you may just be procrastinating. Fear can really stop you in your tracks. Find out what is really going on. If you prayed about it and you believe God is leading you in a new direction that may happen as well. Whichever one is the case, if you feel as though that person can be an accountability partner and they are safe to be vulnerable with, allow God to reveal that to you. You may be able to share with them some of the obstacles that are standing in your way and they could be a great encouragement to you. Pray for discernment before sharing. You will know, because the Holy Spirit will lead you in the right direction if you consult with him. I wanted to clear that up before you tell Sister Jessica “Don’t come for me” when she asks you about your life. She may be genuinely concerned about you and wants you to win! Iron sharpens iron, sometimes you need a push in the right direction. We can’t go through life alone. Hopefully you surround yourself around those that will help build up your “Great Wall of Contentment” not knock it down.

Vicky S. Joseph

Vicky is a Public Speaker, Spoken-Word Artist, Actress and Writer. With Her sparkling personality she wants to ignite moral change in individuals! ❤

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Berwick “Underscore” Augustin Interview

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It was an honor to be able to interview Berwick “Underscore” Augustin. He is a Playwright, Spoken Word Artist, Writer,  Producer, Instructor, Director and an Acting coach. He is a modern day Renaissance Man. He uses his gifts and talents to uplift, inspire and to evoke change in the community.

Meet Underscore:

Berwick “Underscore” Augustin’s literary work is a sponge that has been soaked with a strong blend of culture and spirituality. He uses spoken word poetry and theatre as a vehicle to drive empowerment, freedom, and pride to the international community from a Haitian perspective. He is the founder of South Florida’s monthly interactive spoken word experience, P.H.I.R.S.T. IMPRESSIONZ (2002-present). Mr. Augustin has also facilitated writing workshops throughout South Florida. He served as the Artistic Administrator, Acting Coach, and spoken word instructor for Miramar Cultural Art Center’s Summer Camp’s Little Broadway (2012-2013).

Underscore’s tongue is the pen of a ready writer. As a speaker and performing artist for over a decade, he has been blessed to arouse purpose, passion, direction, and discipline into the lives of many. Berwick has written, produced, directed and acted in numerous stage productions.  As a playwright, his plays reveal the true essence of reality by fusing his visionary mind with the power of interpreting hands. From 2005-2010, he released four spoken word CDs (The Base The Chase The Place; I’m Looking, Babymama, and Babydaddy). On the theatre stage, he has been blessed to premiere new works Libere Liberis (2004), HaitiArt (2006), The Awakening (2007), DiaspoArt (2008), Pray-Hope-Help (2010), Timeless (2011), Clashing Christmas Carols (2011), Hispaniolove (2012), and Living This Life (2014). 

Under Mr. Augustin’s leadership, the company has collaborated with Final Destination Music Group, Art Fusion Gallery, Haitian Heritage Museum, Fashion Showcase with Labissiere Dezign, Arts of Color Production, Lavie Music, and Nest of the Living Arts. In 2008, the company released DiaspoArt, a unique line of Haitian-Creole and English greeting cards. The company looks forward to a future that will fuse pieces of the arts and multiculturalism into well-blended productions for the international community. 

The Interview:

Vicky S. Joseph: How did you find your voice?

Underscore: I found my voice once I started writing authentically. Whatever I had on the inside naturally flowed on paper and on stage. I was never one to compare my work with others so that helped me stay true to my voice as well.

Vicky S. Joseph: Why did you start the Evoke180 movement?

Underscore: I started the Evoke180 movement as a means to sprinkle seeds of transformation in the lives of the unchurched and those in need of hope. The arts is such a powerful tool to arouse change in individuals and ultimately society. Most importantly, 180 is about turning your back to things that are ungodly, unproductive, and unfruitful.

Vicky S. Joseph: How was your stage name “Underscore” birthed?

Underscore: A childhood friend gave it to me when I was in college before she passed. We were writing correspondence letters to each other and had to pick an alias for one another. I called her “Lil’ Russet,” she called me “Underscore.” This is before I indulged in the world of spoken word and theatre. Once I began to write and perform, the pen name was a no brainer.

Vicky S. Joseph: How has Spoken Word changed your life?

Underscore: Spoken word has changed my life by literally saving my existence. Primarily, I believe and confessed God’s spoken words; which saved my life spiritually. In 2001, I was suicidal, spoken word poetry was the outlet that helped me maintain my sanity and not harm myself physically.

Vicky S. Joseph: What is your creative process when working on a new poem and/or project?Underscore

Underscore: The process is ever evolving. I get inspired by life and everything it brings with it. Some pieces are written after conversations, watching current events, or reading. Sometimes I’m driving I’ll either pull over or record an idea on my phone and finish the piece at a later time. For some strange reason, a lot of projects or revelations come in the shower. Of course, there are the quiet times when I’m meditating and talking to God; he downloads His plan in my spirit.

Vicky S. Joseph: How would you encourage someone who wants to start a movement? What steps should they take?

Underscore: To start a movement, I would encourage someone to definitely be confident about their belief system: 1. Believe the movement is bigger than you. 2. Be laser focus on the mission and not get sidetracked by people, money, fame, or distractions (granted the mission is not about those things in the first place). 3. Anything below excellence is uncivilized. 4. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will help execute the movement.

Vicky S. Joseph: What is your superpower?

Underscore: The Triune Godhead (God, Christ, Holy Spirit).

Vicky S. Joseph: What advice would you give your younger self?

Underscore: I would tell my younger self to pray more, be wiser when making moves, seek excellent mentorship like my life depended on it, and not juggle too many things at one time.

Vicky S. Joseph: What advice would you give an individual who is nervous about sharing their art publicly?

Underscore: I would tell them fear is a crippling disease; I would tell them that their art is the antidote for it and that sick person who’s dying to hear your message. Your pain, gift, and talents are not for you. There’s a world of people who are waiting on your work for various reasons, if you don’t do it God will simply choose someone else to fulfill the goal.

Vicky S. Joseph: How can an individual become comfortable with being vulnerable in their writing?

Underscore: Becoming comfortable with being vulnerable has everything to do with why you’re writing. If it’s about you and your reputation, then you’ll have a hard time. Once you believe that your writing is a source of healing that happens to be running through you as a vessel, then you’re humbled to put an x-ray on your skeleton closet. At the end of the day, everyone has an opinion about you before you open your mouth so you might as well say something.

Vicky S. Joseph: How do you find work-life balance and remain true to your creative projects? What’s your secret?

Underscore: There is no secret. If someone lied to you and told you they have the secret, I wanna meet him or her. Balance is a fleeting thing. Something will be sacrificed in order for you to attain an ultimate goal. There are times when I lay low off certain projects because priorities call for it. It becomes more difficult when you’re married. It’s a beyond difficult if you have kids.

Vicky S. Joseph: If you had the power to change one social issue in our society what would it be?

Underscore: The welfare system. I’d give it to the church and let it handle it in a more missional way like the book of Acts.

Vicky S. Joseph: What is next for you?LL Part I May 22,2004 (4) (1)

Underscore: God willing, I’m working on a couple of books. I’d like to restage a few of the plays I only produced once. I have a few things in mind but they’re not official until God puts His stamp of approval on them.

Vicky S. Joseph: How can people get in touch with you?

Underscore: or I have a blog on the website, that’s a good to stay informed with what’s going on with the movement… To subscribe to our newsletter, they can text to the number 22828 and type Evoke180 as the text message.

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Chrisnatha Derosier #HearMeRoar Interview

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I had the privilege of interviewing the Masterpiece Maven, Chrisnatha Derosier. She is an Author, Speaker, Life Coach and the Chief Empowerment Officer of the I am a Masterpiece Movement (IAAM). Her mission is to encourage women to Discover the Masterpiece Within as well as inspire women to operate from the C.O.R.E. of their being!  She is funky, soft and just plain fabulous! She has been seen on Lee Pitts Live, Tropik TV and also featured in Bronze Magazine, Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine, and radio shows such as Naked Truth, Love/Hate Relationship Show, Soul Topics, Love 101,, Positive Teen Talk and Joyful Living for Women. Here’s how Chrisnatha found her authentic voice #HearMeRoar



Vicky S. Joseph: How did you find your voice?

Chrisnatha Derosier  : Remaining silent was literally killing me. I was dying on the inside. I was hurting and no one knew. My past was running my life and I had absolutely no control. As a result, I was hurting other people. I was making terrible decisions while living in bondage and fear. I began to journal to express myself. Those journals eventually turned into my first book, Through the eyes of the KING: seeing yourself the way God sees you. Once I wrote my truth I was able to finally be free. That is how and when I found my voice.

Vicky S. Joseph: Why did you start IAAM movement?

Chrisnatha Derosier : I am a Masterpiece (IAAM) is an assignment from God. He gave me the name of the movement along with the scripture Ephesians 2:10. It was during my quiet time with Him, a Heavenly download. But He didn’t say anything else about it for 6 whole months! Finally that summer as I was cleaning my house (lol), He downloaded step by step what to do next. And I took off running!  :-). The movement was created to help women discover the Masterpiece that already lives within them. As we confront our past and unpack our invisible baggage-we can begin to see ourselves through God’s eyes. We all have a deposit of Heaven on the inside of us. That is what makes us a masterpiece.

Vicky S. Joseph: What advice would you give your younger self?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I would tell my younger self how beautiful, smart, and special she was. She didn’t believe that to be true back then. She was so insecure and suffered in silence. I would also encourage her to speak. Tell someone how much she was hurting.

Vicky S. Joseph: What do you enjoy the most about your personality?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I enjoy that I am able to be quiet, reserved and observant. I also enjoy that I look for the beauty in all things, perspective is key.

Vicky S. Joseph: What is your super power?

Chrisnatha Derosier: My superpower is very cool. I can make anyone feel completely comfortable with me. I can have a conversation with a complete stranger and at the end of the conversation; I’m giving them a hug! LOL. It sounds silly but it’s true. I really do love people and I want them to feel the love of Christ through me.

Vicky S. Joseph: How do you remain organized, focused and consistent?

Chrisnatha Derosier: Remaining organized can be challenging especially when you have a busy schedule. My outward environment is usually a manifestation of what is taking place on the inside of my mind. Being organized helps me to be creative, productive and focused. If I am not organized, I will be busy but nothing will get accomplished. I am surrounded by vision boards. I have boards from 2011 until now. I love them and I have my goals in front of me at all times. Every day, I take a moment to go over my goals and pray over them. I also write out step-by-step action plans to reach those goals and put those up as well for me to see. This keeps me focused. I get discouraged at times. But over time I have learned that how I feel has absolutely nothing to do with how I perform. I keep my WHY in front of me. This enables me to be consistent.

Vicky S. Joseph: What problem in our society were you created to fix?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I help women and young ladies discover the Masterpiece within themselves. As someone who once struggled with an identity crisis, low self esteem and eating disorder, I want women and young girls to know that their identity lies in God. They are significant, they have purpose and they are God’s most prized possession.

Vicky S. Joseph: In a world oversaturated with posts, tags and likes, what is the key to remaining relevant?

Chrisnatha Derosier: It is imperative to not get consumed by the amount of likes, comments and shares that our posts get online. If we are not careful, we will only share what we believe will get attention but not necessarily add value. The goal is to always add value. As I add value, I remain relevant.

Vicky S. Joseph: What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own movement?

Chrisnatha Derosier: Starting a movement should not be a fad or a hobby. It’s an assignment. You can’t quit when the excitement fades or when you don’t feel like delivering. It is a commitment. It is a lifestyle. It is authentic. I would encourage those that are interested in starting a movement to make sure to operate from a place of authenticity. It is important to pray for direction and to be in alignment with your calling. Be strategic, it is about the people you are assigned to and the people you are serving.

Vicky S. Joseph: As an Author, Life Coach and Speaker, how do you prepare yourself for new projects? What is your process?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I pray about each project. Every great idea is not a God-idea. Once I get confirmation about the project I ask God for wisdom. I brainstorm and begin the work. I consider the needs of my audience and ensure that I offer them a solution to a problem. I’ve learned to be extremely intentional about WHERE I’m writing from. Am I writing from a hurt place? Healed place? Insecure place? Performance-based place?

It’s not about what I want to say to my readers. It’s about what my readers need from me. I’m here to be part of the solution to a problem. God ultimately solves the problem but I have the honor of being a vessel on His behalf.

Vicky S. Joseph: What is next for you?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I am currently coaching a group of incredible, purpose-filled, God fearing women. They are so inspiring to me. I get to watch them grow more and more deeply in love with God and themselves. It’s amazing! That has been my focus since the start of the year.

I am planning my 2nd Annual IAAM Empowerment Conference which will take place on Saturday, September 12, 2015. All details about the conference will be available on

I also have a documentary in the works. It will focus on the obstacles we face as a generation and our journey in getting through them along with discussing identity. Our generation is suffering from an identity crisis. I am happy that we’ll be shedding some light on this prevalent issue.

Vicky S. Joseph: How can people get in touch with you?

Chrisnatha Derosier: I can be found on all social media outlets:

Facebook: Chrisnatha Derosier

Twitter: @chrisnathad

Instagram: @chrisnatha


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