Who likes washing dishes? Not me! Hey, it’s the most loathed chore known to man. Do you know what I hate the most about washing dishes? As soon as you get into your groove and you’re almost done… You start cleaning the sink out and wiping the counters down… You turn around… BAM… there’s another plate you missed, then you go in the fridge.. WAIT… there’s a plate in the fridge. You THOUGHT you were finished, but the task becomes even longer. Don’t let someone stop by the sink and add more dish to the sink, you just might cut someone. lol *Twenty minutes later*  the sink gets filled up with all these new dishes and you’re back where you started. Sigh… there’s always something else. Isn’t that how life feels like sometimes. Just when you thought you figured it out, just when you thought you had the formula to life down pat. BAM! You’re right back where you started, the cha-cha slide of life. Unfortunately it’s not so fun.  It can be so frustrating.  You finally started standing up for yourself, here comes a new bully. You finally  paid off your car, here comes an unexpected expense. You finally went back to school but because of your full-time job (which helps pay for classes) it’s hard to carve out time to study. There’s always SOMETHING! Ugh…

Something Else… Projects and Events

Improvise.  There may be technical difficulties  with a PowerPoint or the computer doesn’t work or the videos won’t load. That doesn’t mean to just wing it every time, you should most certainly plan every detail of an event, but I also know that no matter how much you plan there may be some random “something else” that may take place, if so… improvise. Make sure you have your presentation printed out, have an ice breaker activity handy just incase or you have a plan B. Be ready for anything. Be flexible.  If you know me, you know that I need to be mentally prepared for things, may it be house guests, hosting events or the like. I would love to know ahead of time, what I am responsible for, so I can prepare. There are times when I don’t have that luxury and I have to adjust accordingly. I have learned that things will not always go exactly as planned. You just can’t go. Listen… There will always be something else… a wedding, meeting, baby shower, quinceañera, a bar mitzvah,  a shin dig, a pot luck, a get together and a just because… guess what? You may not be able to attend every single one. I know Diddy and them make being a socialite look sooo easy on social media, but it can be exhausting spreading yourself too thin. I love a good celebration like the next person but I know that I will not be able to do everything or attend everything. You may have to say no sometimes. Real friends will be able to see your heart and understand if you are not able to attend.  Be honest with yourself and your friends about how you are able to show your support.

Something else… Flaky People
Find someone new! If someone is helping you with a project or you’ve hired someone to handle a job for you and you’re doing more work then the person who’s supposed to do their job, maybe it’s time to get a new person. If you are putting out all the fires and have to monitor all of their progress and call them every five minutes, that’s not going to work. When dealing with flaky people, loyalty has an expiration date. It’s time to hire someone else. With flaky people, they are not thorough in keeping things in order.  There will always be something else YOU have to take care of. I understand things will not happen over night. There will be cases where things may happen that you can’t control, but if the person who is supposed to help you is causing you more stress it’s not worth keeping. That goes for relationships (platonic or romantic) business wise. I have two blogs on flaky people be sure to check them out here: Stop Flakin’ and Stop Flakin’: Business Edition.

Something else… Self development I don’t care how many self help books you read. You will never “arrive” there will always be things that you need to improve on. Self development is a life long process. Being the recovering perfectionist that I am. I always thought I had to have it together all the time.  I’ve learned that some issues are surface level, whereas others will take more than a week to change. What is crazy is that what hurt us for 10 years… we think in 2 days we will be healed. Don’t beat yourself up, do the best you can at the moment. I know with the New Year, people are so excited. Truth is for most, the new years resolutions may get tossed out the window with life’s “something else.” One of my mentors always tell me… “Vicky, you’re not starting from scratch.” I just want to tell you, you’re not starting from scratch, you’ve come a long way! If you miss it, just start where you left off on your journey and go from there. 

Something else… Life experiences

Life will send you… something else circumstances that you won’t be able to run from. You have to go through the process. Microwave healing doesn’t exist and just when you thought you were making progress a trigger from the past comes and you’re taken aback. I have had many of those experiences, but I would say, feel it, express it and allow it to pass. Don’t pretend that you’re not bothered by it by being “positive.” Yes I’m all for positivity but don’t ignore how you feel. Feel it, but don’t live in those feelings. Find a new game plan once you’re settled. Let’s be honest some situations will not go away, and it’s a matter of learning how to deal in the mist of the chaos. You may not have the answers yet, but it’s okay ladies and gents lean on God through those times.

Vicky S. Joseph

Vicky is a Public Speaker, Spoken-Word Artist, Actress and Writer. With Her sparkling personality she wants to ignite moral change in individuals! <3